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The Three Sisters

WAR: Light Within/After the Darkness September 22, 2013 – March 16, 2014 Curated by Christian Bernard Singer The Holocaust was of such an inconceivable horror and magnitude that the world vowed never to let such a thing happen again. ..Notwithstanding this global resolve, since World War II, genocides have occurred in Bosnia, Cambodia, Laos, Burundi, East Timor, Equatorial Guinea, Congo and Rwanda. The Canadian Clay
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We are pleased to have been one of the four finalists for the $100,000.00 Public Art Proposal considered for the Churchill Avenue Reconstruction in Westboro, Ottawa.
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The first Canadian artists with original works of art on permanent display at The Museum of Glass Art, Arad, Israel. (shown here) HARMONY is a curvilinear hand-cut, cast glass art sculpture with energetic bursts of colour melded with subtle hues. HARMONY expresses the sinuous arc of life’s journey in striving to attain harmony. (partly shown in background) REMEMBERING. This triptych of iridescent hand-cut glass
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MEMORIAL LIGHT SCULPTURE: Soloway Jewish Community Centre, Ottawa. Commissioned by the Ottawa Shoah (Holocaust) Committee, the MEMORIAL LIGHT evokes an immediate emotional response. Embedded with handcrafted ashes, coloured flames, and twisted barbed wire, the six thick panels of handcrafted cast glass art is nestled atop handcut black flame tiles and topped with flaming and transparent candleholders. Fine light-blue
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